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Natures Gold products exceed BC Ministry of Environment standards and have been exhaustively tested. Research and years of experience have demonstrated Natures Gold to be environmentally safe and beneficial. Because only natural bacteria are used at each step of the process, and no chemicals are introduced, we can ensure Natures Gold is low in heavy metals and free of pesticides. Using Natures Gold contributes greatly to the recycling efforts and puts vital nutrients back into the environment where they play an important role in soil fertilization and conservation.

Our Process

Natures Gold is produced using nature’s recipe book. Solids originating from the City of Kelowna’s innovative chemical free wastewater treatment plant are processed by beneficial microorganisms to form stable organic matter. These solids are mixed with wood chips and aerobically composted to high heat levels to form a Class A compost. This compost is used to manufacture Natures Gold Fertilizer and Natures Gold Mulch.

Go Green

Natures Gold fertilizer and mulch greatly benefits the environment and reduces costs. Natures Gold products contribute to recycling programs by using natural and chemical free processes to add valuable organic nutrients to the soil, plants and turf. Creating a healthy lawn and garden helps with water conservation and reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides. By decreasing or eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers and soil amendments, Natures Gold is the sustainable way to a beautiful lawn and garden.

Words from our Customers

  … It Works Like Magic!