Natures Gold | Testimonials
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Words from Our Clients

“In our first season using Natures Gold Fertilizer, it worked very well in our over-seeding program (mixed seed & sand). We use it on divots and on the driving range. Next year we will be trying it out on other applications.”
Randy Page;

“Royal Oak Golf Course tees are small and are subjected to intensive use ( 45,000 rounds av/yr.) . Using Natures Gold as a component of our divot mix (sand, seed, NG) has greatly improved their recovery. I have witnessed seed germination within 2 days of application. Other benefits have been; Moisture retention ( have reduced the amount of water); Elimination of hot spots and; Better colour with controlled growth. I would not hesitate to recommend this product.”
Greg Kowalski;

“We have utilized your product ‘Natures Gold Organic Fertilizer’ during the past season and have experienced many benefits. WE mixed ‘Natures Gold Organic Fertilizer’ with top-dressing sand at approximately 15% by volume, and together with limited amounts of perennial ryegrass produced a consistent divot mix. This mix was applied twice weekly to all our teeing areas and produced excellent results including rapid seeding germination (3 days) and establishment. We did not observe any excess turf-grass growth near the divot edges, and with the successful establishment of so many seedlings, we were able to reduce the seed portion of our mix. ‘Natures Gold Organic Fertilizer’ is also economical, and is already implemented into our grounds program for the upcoming season.”
Bradley W. Filmer;

“…The results on our greens and tees were very encouraging. We had germination in three to four days on both greens and tees followed by rapid fill period. The results I observed till now have been more than expected and I am looking forward to continuing success next season. We will also be implementing a top-dressing and divot mix program with this product. I give two thumbs up to Natures Gold as well as Lake Country Compost Distributors Ltd. for their exemplary service and product.”
Dave Lister;

“…Other benefits to using your product have included an earlier green-up coming out of winter dormancy, better moisture retention, improved wear tolerance and a reduction in the rate and application frequency of chemical fertilizers on our tee boxes. Because of the success I have experienced by incorporating Nature’s Gold Premium Fertilizer into our tee box improvement program, I am pleased to inform you that your product will also be used on our fairway “hot spots” and as an amendment in our top dressing mix for the spring aeration of our greens.”
Greg Austin;

“…This application rate provides us with approximately .55 pounds per thousand of Nitrogen, .37 pounds of Phosphorus and .18 pounds of Potassium. At these rates we seem to receive a very good initial response in colour, growth and density that slows down after about 2 weeks but feeds the turf evenly for about two and a half months. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give me a call.”
Dean Pillar;

“We have had great success with your product. Natures Gold Premium Organic fertilizer has worked well as a component of our top-dressing mix on tee’s and areas around our bunkers. Our greatest success has been in the very dry, high sand content areas, which lack uniform irrigation. The ability of Natures Gold to retain moisture has provided increased germination of seed in areas we have had problems in establishing in the past. Natures Gold has out performed different peats in the ability to rewet, plus it has the added benefit of N-P-K. Our membership is encouraged to know that we are now using organic products which would have been otherwise been discarded into landfills. We are continuing to experiment with various applications of Natures Gold Premium Organic Fertilizer, I will keep you updated as to our findings as we enter our second season of use.”
Donald A Singlehurst;

  … It Works Like Magic!