Natures Gold | Why Natures Gold
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Why Natures Gold

All Natures Gold products are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Using Natures Gold Compost Fertilizer, Potting Soil, Landscape Mulch and Waterwise Planting Soil will allow lawns and gardens to be free of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Over 150 golf courses currently use Natures Gold on their fairways and greens. What are you waiting for? Do you part and go green today!

Why Natures Gold is Nature’s Alternative for all Plants Economics

  • Each cubic metre of Natures Gold fine screened fertilizer will supply these nutrients (in Kg): 7N – 4P – 1.5K – 2.2Mg – 2.5Ca – 0.5S – 0.4Zn – 0.07B
  • Each cubic metre of Natures Gold fertilizer mulch will supply these nutrients (in Kg): 4.5N – 2.25P – 1.0K – 0.55Mg – 1.8Ca – O.02S – O.45Zn – 0.07B
  • A single application of Natures Gold fertilizer or fertilizer mulch is sufficient to supply these and other plant nutrients for 4-12 months depending on the soil type and irrigation schedules. Higher applications of Natures Gold will release nutrients for longer periods.
  • When synthetic fertilizers are used, studies show that 35-55% of the available nutrients are lost through volatilization to the atmosphere, leaching by irrigation or rainfall, or immobilization in the soil. All of the nutrients in Natures Gold will become available as the compost continues to decompose and as plant roots grow into the compost.
  • Natures Gold fertilizer is more cost efficient than synthetic fertilizer. One or two applications of Natures gold would supply more nutrients over the season than numerous synthetic fertilizer applications, reducing the costs of spreading fertilizers and losses of synthetic fertilizer nutrients to the environment.
  • Using Natures Gold fertilizer and mulch benefits the environment and reduces costs. Valuable raw resources and environmentally harmful processes are used to produce synthetic fertilizers and synthetic soil amendments. The production of Natures Gold, on the other hand, uses natural, chemical free processes that combine by-products previously destined for the landfill and converts them into valuable nutrients and soil amendments.

  … It Works Like Magic!