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Natures Gold Fertilizer

Your Lawn can look like a championship golf course

With the texture of coffee grounds, Natures Gold Compost Fertilizer is one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market today. Unlike chemical fertilizer, it is a slow release plant food insuring that lawn and plant roots will not burn. All macro and micro nutrients can be found in Natures Gold at optimum levels for plant growth.

This product improves microbial activity that is essential for fertile soil. The soils water holding capacity is increased by the addition of organic matter, reducing the need for irrigation. Natures Gold Compost Fertilizer exceeds the Ministry of Environment standards and is safe for people, plants and pets.

“You want a balanced slow-release fertilizer that feeds the roots throughout the fall and is still around to fuel the stems and leaves next spring.”
Roger Cook

“Beat your swords into plow shears, but not until after you’ve beaten your enemies into fertilizer.”
Kate Atkins

“If you build up the soil with organic materials, the plants will do just fine.”
John Harrison

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    Benefits of Natures Gold Fertilizer


    When our fertilizer is part of the growing medium, plants grow stronger and have a lush appearance.



    Compost binds the nutrients in the soil making them available for plants to utilize over a longer period of time. The slow release of nutrients insures plant roots will not burn as can happen when chemical fertilizers are used. Organically derived plant nutrients are slow to leach from the soil making them less likely to contribute to water pollution.



    Our fertilizer improves the microbial activity that is essential for fertile soil. Microorganisms break down the organic materials making the nutrients in these materials available to plants. Compacted soils donot allow the water and air required by soil microorganisms to penetrate below the soil surface. Because compost consists of many different sized particles, it has a porous structure which helps to increasesoil porosity.



    The presence of organic matter can soak up water thereby increasing the soil’s water holding capacity. This helps the soil absorb water during rain or watering, and hold it for the use of plants between rain or watering.



    Adding Natures Gold fertilizer helps prevent wind and water erosion by increasing the availability of water and nutrients to plants resulting in rapid, strong plant growth in areas prone to erosion.



    With the help of Natures Gold, a health lawn is less susceptible to pest problems.

    Uses for Natures Gold Fertilizer



    New Flower Beds and Gardens

    Combine 5cm of Natures Gold with the top 15cm of soil. Mix well. Plant flowers or vegetables directly into the mixed soil and water in well.


    Established Gardens

    Apply 1cm – 2cm of Natures Gold over flower beds and around plants, raking or spading in. Repeat every 3-4 months. Natures Gold will revitalize the soil as it slowly breaks down.


    Perennials and Shrubs


    New Plantings

    When planting new trees and shrubs, dig a hole about twice the size of the root ball. Plant into a well mixed preparation of 1 part Natures Gold with 3 parts soil. Established Trees and Shrubs: Apply Natures Gold as a 5cm mulch over the base of the tree or shrub, covering the drip line to supply nutrients over the entire season. To help protect trees and shrubs from winter injury, mound Natures Gold over the base of the trunk, covering the bottom 15cm-25cm. After pruning perennials, such as roses, cover the plant entirely. Spread this mulch in the spring. No additional fertilizers should be required for the rest of the season.




    New Lawns

    When applying sod, amend soil by spreading 2.5cm of Natures Gold on the established soil. When applying grass seed, work in 1 part Natures Gold with 3 parts soil. Water in well.


    Established Lawns

    Top-dress lawns with 0.2cm of Natures Gold when nutrients are needed. Water in well. Apply 0.5cm in the fall or early spring to feed nutrients and improve soil conditions.

    Fertilizer Analysis

    Nutritional Analysis of Natures Gold Fertilizer (3/16″)


    Organic Matter 54%
    Moisture 41%
    Conductivity 2.4 dS/cm pH 6.0-7.0
    Carbon/Nitrogen ratio 15:1
    Total Nitrogen 2.5%
    Total Phosphorous 1.5%
    Total Potassium 0.5%

    Testing certified by Caro Environmental Services and Griffin Laboratories.

    Yardage Calculator

    Coverage for Spreading Mulch or Topsoil

    1 Cubic Yard @:
    1″ Depth covers 324 square feet

    2″ Depth covers 162 square feet

    3″ Depth covers 108 square feet

    4″ Depth covers 81 square feet

    5″ Depth covers 64 square feet

    6″ Depth covers 54 square feet

    Shannon Lake Golf Course

    Shannon Lake Golf Course Before Natures Gold Fertilization

    Before Fertilization

    Light area showing no fertilizer added.
    Dark area shows where the product was applied.

    Shannon Lake Golf Course after Natures Gold Fertilization

    After Fertilization

    Light area showing no fertilizer added.
    Dark area shows grass two weeks after fertilizer was applied.

    Comparison Test

    Victoria 2002 Water restrictions comparison test – green area shows where Natures Gold was applied.

      … It Works Like Magic!